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Here @ThePoshGirlsClub, we rely on some game changing systems & resources to help us thrive! I'm always asked how I do certain things, or what makes my business run so smoothly...who do I use for lead generation and how we make certain designs. So I've created a list of some of my favorite resources; those I simply cannot live without, to share with you.
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Creating Flat Lay Graphics

I love flat lay graphics. And when you find the right mixture & combo for your brand, it's like magic. Pinterest does have great options for this. The downside is that you begin to see the exact same images show up on other brands' pages, emails, feeds, etc. So to keep a unique vibe, I love to choose my own! And The Creative Market is a great solution for getting different ones at various price points. Warning...it's as addictive as Pinterest & you can easily find yourself browsing all day! (GUILTY!)

Labels: Custom printing, little work!

So we launched our Labels Collection in November 2018. At first I was wary about getting involved with Merch...the hassle of shipping, packaging and taking orders on top of Bling was not the look, lol. But when I found this next company, I realized that all we needed to do was create our designs - which is pretty simple since we have our own inside digital marketing firm, The Agency...they literally do everything else! You can set it up so that the orders automatically get placed in your store, then they fulfill them for you. Kinda genius!

This next product has to be on my top favorite of...well, like ever! I always think, wow...if I were using this concept when I first started in Bling back in 2002, I might be living it up with Drake somewhere, lol! Seriously...it's a game changer for your business. Imagine taking every single sale to potentially 3 sales each time. That is, after all, a part of the 6 figure strategy. If you're generating any sales at all, or you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to begin doing so, then I highly suggest getting this product to use in your business.
Email Automation

Email automation is one of the best (if not best) systems you can put into your business to scale. You need systems if you want to scale your income - while doing other things. Otherwise, you will always need to be present - no breaks, vacays, down-time, gym, or just fun! Systems bring you FREEDOM! I've been with my email provider for over a year now - after having used Mailchimp for most of my time with Bling. It's scaled PGC tremendously and helped us send over 500k emails without having to physically send each one over and over, reaching new clients in the business every single day.

Need Customers?

Of course, every single business needs new customers to keep it thriving & healthy. In my humble opinion (and based off of 17 years of experience in business) there's no better way to do that than through Lead Pages. It has been the single most effective way to fill seats for masterclasses, bring new customers into the businesses daily, and sell products after designing the Lead Page one time. Set an ad to run to it, connect it to your email sequence, and let it run every single day to bring you more customers automatically!

And of course...once you employ these systems into your business, you're going to need some help on how to use them all right away. That's what I teach in The Socialite, our private community & global girl gang! We'll help you set up your business - get instant access to tons of resources once you're inside. And we're so confident that you'll love it & want to stay that we are also giving away a 3 day trial...
Sell Your Own Courses or Create Affiliate Program

I've used Thinkific for quite awhile now. It's a simple and pretty awesome platform for selling courses and ebooks, masterclasses...and then getting affiliates in to offer them the opportunity to earn from your products, too!

Let us know what you think!
Be sure to let us know if these resources were helpful to you! Screenshot your favorite resource section, share it, & tag us on Instagram @ThePoshGirlsClub!

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