Basketball originated in 1891 Springfield Massachusetts by a PE coach teaching a physical education class at a YMCA
Basketball is a lite contact sport where 2 teams of five players at a time compete to score the most shots into the opponents goal
Pro Basketball players go through multiple kinds of workouts that focus stamina, ball handling, jumping, and overall strength to make them good on the court
Not much is needed to play basketball it can be played with all most any number of people all that is really required to play is a court and a ball
Professional Basketball players make hefty amount of money `the average salary of an NBA player is $4,689.608 and the median salary is $1,873,398.5
Lebron James is best players currently in the NBA. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he's 6'8" and weighs 249 pounds. Labron is arguably one of the best players ever
Michael Jordan is often referred to as the best player of all time and rightly so. Jordan was a person to be feared on the court not many people could handle his skill. People know him best for his signature dunk that later became the logo for his popular shoe brand
Basketball is also a sport where paralyzed people can compete and on a professional level. Its more commonly referred to as wheelchair basketball.
Basketball is also a popular in the world of women's athletics. The WNBA is the professional league for womens basketball and has teams all over the world*


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