Advance Organizers Kelsi BairD

Advance Organizers provide students with an overview or preview of the content they will be learning. They should also inform students of the purpose of instruction, identify topics and subtopics, supply background information, introduce new vocabulary, provide an organizational structure, and state the intended student outcomes.

These organizers are based on the idea that students profit from having a framework for the material to be learned to help them assimilate the new information into their current schema or cognitive structure.


  • Groups that are given advanced organizers perform better. When learners have extensive background of knowledge about the area they learn better.
  • Advance Organizers particularly aid students of lower ability and/or limited background knowledge.
  • More effective when presented before a learning task than when presented after the task.
  • If well structured and detailed it improves learning and retention of learning.

10 Steps to follow using graphic organizer

The outlines of the Advance Organizers might include a diagram in which the parts are labeled, or a picture semantic map. Visual representation or pictures is important especially those with learning and behavior problems.

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