Tailor Your Instruction For Your Advanced Students

What can we do for the advanced students during center rotation?

Learning Centers Provide Students With Opportunities To Reinforce What Has Been Taught, Extend Core Content To New Areas Of Interest, And/Or Enhance Previously Learned Information With Independent Study.

Students can self-select tasks within the learning center or can be assigned specific areas within the center to focus on.

Learning centers can vary in shape, size, duration, and implementation.

Think About The Standards. Talk To Someone About How You Might Be Able To Use Centers To Reinforce Standards.

Other ideas

Alphabet Book On A Topic Of Interest

Write And Illustrate A Book.

Write A Picture Book With No Words

Read A Poem And Write A Poem With Same Rhyme Pattern

Let Them Do Additional Research About A Topic That Interests Them.

Writing Songs To Review The Material That They Have Learned

Put The Main Character Into A Different Story That You’ve Read. How Might The Character Have Reacted To These Different Circumstances

Canvas Tier 1 Shares

Many Advanced Students Show Incredible Creativity, And You Can Build On That Strength By Giving Them Activities That Bring Out Their Creative Sides. Here Are Some Ideas You Could Try:


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