My solar system by jesus luna mendoza

This is my son is a average star and have 4 billones of years is very hot.
The big red is red and is very hot don't has water and you can't live there don't have moon the core is lava.
The earth 2 is like the earth,has 1 moon the name of my moon is 20213.
the planet galaxy is purple and pink is cold if you go to this planet is dark you can't see nothing don't has life the core is lava and have a moon the name of the moon is c12m4
The orange is hot don't has plants and water and you can't live there and the core is rock don't have moon.
The planet silber is only snow and ice don't have life and don't have moons.


Created with images by EvgeniT - "milky way night star"

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