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It is now officially the last week of classes, and with that comes the final thing in English 1030: the journey log reflection. Throughout this semester there have been eight habits of mind that I have used (a few more than once) but I am going to highlight the four most important ones. In my opinion, the main ones I have demonstrated over these past few months were openness, flexibility, responsibility, and engagement. Each of these have been used while creating my work for this unique class and I believe that I displayed them well.


The first main habit of mind, openness, came into play quite often. In other words, openness can be described as the willingness to consider new ways of being and thinking in the world. This semester and this class specifically forced me to perfect this habit of mind. Between learning about random video gaming terms, making my writing into colorful pieces of art, and even playing Minecraft, I was definitely more open than I was before this class and ultimately learned a lot about how to be open to new things rather than being closed minded.


The next frequently used habit of mind is flexibility. This is otherwise known as the ability to adapt to situations, expectations, or demands. Overall, I learned to do this with writing a ten-page research paper that I never thought I would be able to write. Not only did I accomplish this, but I did it while getting a grade that satisfied my need to succeed. Also, since I am still a freshman in college, there was still a lot of adapting I had to do in order to succeed. Flexibility was definitely a huge part of this class and I learned a lot about being flexible and learning how to adapt to new situations.


Another very important habit of mind that I developed over the course of this class was responsibility. I learned how to take ownership of my actions and understand the consequences of those actions for myself and others. Not only in class, but outside of class I was faced with many new challenges. Things as simple as laundry was a large responsibility I had to learn this semester, but I eventually accomplished it and learned how to take ownership of my belongings.


The final important habit of mind I used was engagement. By learning to invest myself in my learning and truly care about my work that I am doing, it was much easier to accomplish my schoolwork and get the most out of what I was learning. I even learned how to get the most out of Minecraft which I truly thought would be impossible. It is ultimately about what you make of the situation and how you learn to invest yourself in what you are doing.

School sucks

After reading my past journey logs, I could see my level of caring about school decreasing little by little. It was really hard for me to get through the end of the semester with all of the schoolwork I was given and I made that perfectly evident in my journey logs.


Initially, I hated Minecraft. I still hate it, but I have a mutual respect for the game. I will respect those who play it, but it really just is not for me. Also, I believe that my writing has vastly improved and I can now sufficiently write a proper MLA formatted paper. My creativity has also improved since I was forced to be creative in this class. Overall, I learned a lot and I definitely become more open, flexible, responsible, and engaged.

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