Cell and Tissue Regeneration Using Stem Cells

How Stem cells May be used in cell And tissue regeneration
Although this method is still in the research phase, evidence suggests that cell and tissue regeneration is highly plausible using stem cells.
Stem cells will be directed to be specific, different types of cells. This offers the possibility of a renewable source of replacement cells. This could treat many diseases and injuries. Such as heart disease, spinal chord injury, macular degeneration, and possibly cancer.
How technology aNd engineEring played a role
Technology played a role in this process by creating the syringe. To implement cell and tissue regeneration using stem cells you simply inject the stem cells into the desired area and the cells do the rest. Microscopes were also used to observe what stem cells did to other certain cells and how they reacted. Thus giving us the idea that stem cells can be used to help regenerate damaged cells and tissue.

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