Sport Massage By Zakaria Mohamed

In 1812, gymnast Pehr Henrik Ling discovered the combination the strokes which is known as Swedish massage with remedial exercises whereby he called his technique kinesiotherapy. Sports massage was used by athletes throughout Europe during the 20th century, however this was relatively unknown in the United States until the point whereby an incredible performance at the 1972 Olympic Games by Lasse Viren who was a track and field athlete. He benefited this Swedish Massage by winning both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs.

Sport massage has been in sport for thousands of years. Romans and Greeks know the benefits of massage on the athletes today whereby, for instance Galen ( AD 30-20000 was a Roman Physician gave massage for the gladiators before and after exercising. During the years sports massage has followed the history of the therapeutic massage or similar to this. However, during the late 1980s to early 1990s sports massage has become more specific towards the training taking place by the performer focusing on specific needs of the athletes bodies such as stress.

Sport massage is a way of bodywork that involves a deep tissues as well as Swedish massage techniques more specific suited to handle with the effect of intense physical pressure on the body. Sports massages main purpose is to release and ease stiffness and pain in muscles as well as joints, increasing mobility in muscles and joints, connective tissues before exercising and warm muscle and helping remove toxins as well as lactic acid after exercising.

Qualifications for sport massage?

Have a GCSE in biology, or human biology.

Have a certificate in anatomy and physiology.

Take a course that's recognised by one of the professional bodies for massage therapy.

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