The Wise Shopper Commerce Assignment By Talia van Beelen

Snooze Corsica Single Bed Frame - White


  • French Provincial Style Design
  • Features a satin white painted finish
  • Free Delivery and Assembly

Why I Chose This Product

The product is of a good brand with a good reputation. The product appears to be sturdy and durable and is aesthetically pleasing. The price is approximately average for a brand new single bed at $900, with competing products being cheaper if they are lesser quality, and some competing products being more expensive. The product is made of wood, which, while does cost the environment a few trees, is not nearly as bad as plastic and much more aesthetically pleasing than metal.

Where I will Buy the Product

I chose to buy the product from the company Snooze. This is because they are a good furniture company that focusses on the comfort of the product. They also have a very good reputation. Snooze deliver all their products directly to the home and help with assembly, so I will not have to go anywhere to pick it up.

How I will Pay

Payment is online for snooze, so I will pay with either a credit card or a debit card. If I choose to pay with a debit card, I have the advantage of knowing that it is all my own money that I am spending, and I am not going to end up in debt because of this. However, I will also have to have all the money and will not be able to pay it off over time. If I choose to pay with a credit card, it will help to increase my credit rating and when I pay the bank back, it will make it just that little bit easier to get a loan from the bank. However, I could end up in serious debt, and that will decrease my credit rating and make it harder to get a loan from the bank, in addition to making it a possibility that I could end up in financial and possibly even legal trouble.

How would I return the Product if it was Faulty

Australian law states that if someone sells you a product that is faulty, they have to give you a full refund. I would start by going to my local store in Artarmon. If they did not have the authority to give me a refund or refused to, I would call their head office at 0398304166, and letting them know, while making sure to keep a record of a conversation. If they do not offer me a refund then I would contact them in the post at their Head Office Address 21a Shierlaw Avenue, Canterbury VIC 3126. If they still did not offer a refund I would probably have to take it to court, but seeing as they know the law, I doubt it would come to that. Once they had agreed to give me the refund, there would probably be an internet transaction of the money, or possibly in person (but I doubt it). If they wanted the product back they would probably agree to pick it up seeing as they dropped it off.



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