Seven Ways to Describe Who I Am By: Nikole Joie Quevido Inocencio

Music and Social Media

I am interested in writing my own music and getting it on social media so maybe one day I will get it onto television. People who have the same thing I am interested in. If I were to work with teenagers and adults in London with a lot of people then I would be happy. If my job required me to use social media I wouldn't have a problem with it because it is something I enjoy using.

I am flexible on indoor or outdoor activities which will give me field experience. If I worked in a large company in another country it would be a change in the environment. For example if I were in London I would be in a workplace with a view of the city so when I look out I could see what might go on in peoples lives. I observe their behaviors and learn more about who those people are.

I hope to earn over minimum wage and my responsibility in working on the field more because I would like to be writing articles or doing tasks like helping with social media more to get more responsibility.

If I were to live somewhere else it would be London, England. If I would travel to London I would find talented people who are not normal but extra ordinary and I would write an article on how they got that talent and how that talent could help out in the world.

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