Italy A travel through "The Great Beauty"

"Dimmi" is the Italian phrase for "tell me." This page contains the story of my very own adventure through the beautiful country of Italy. Let me tell you...

Let's start in Rome, where my semester abroad began...
As students, we were housed in a number of apartments within Rome. My apartment was in the Roman suburb of Garbatella.
Interior photos of my apartment in Via Moletta, Garbatella, Rome.
In addition to my studies, I had an internship at Catholic News Service, based right outside St. Peter's Square. I was able to attend and report on numerous Vatican events.
St. Peter's Square and Swiss Guards
I loved coming into work and seeing Pope Francis give me a thumbs up.
My very first trip outside of Rome was to Florence, Italy. Florence is home to the famous marble masterpiece "David" by Renaissance master, Michelangelo.
My friend and I climbed the entire 463 steps to the very top of the Duomo in Florence!

My other travels took me all around Italy...






Food and drinks are two of the most protected assets of the culture and economy of Italy. True Italian wines, for example, must pass government regulations to be deemed as DOC or DOCG, two classifications that control the region where a specific wine is produced, as well as the very vine(s) of grape.

Only some of my favorite meals...

Easter Week in Italy

I was able to attend the Palm Sunday papal mass in St. Peter's Square.
My view of the altar in front of St. Peter's Basilica
Pope Francis drove right past me!
I ended Easter Week in Florence, where I witnessed a very special Easter tradition.

Explosion of the Cart

On Easter Sunday, from the Florentine cathedral's altar, at around 11 am, the Archbishop lights a dove–shaped rocket. This rocket flies out down a wire to the outside of the church and collides with the Cart in the public square, setting off a spectacular firework display.

After spending about five months in Italy, it was hard to say goodbye. I met amazing friends, coworkers, professors, and fellow Italians. Although I could go on and on forever about my time in Italy, I suppose it's time to say...


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