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The main concept of belief for the Presbyterians originated back in the 16th century. They are a branch of Calvinism, a religion founded by John Calvin.

John Knox founded the Presbyterian Church in Scotland in 1560. He was a author, theologian, and a leader of Reformation in Scotland.

Many early members came from England, Scotland, and Ireland. The First Covenant was a document created and signed by Scottish nobles to adopt Calvinism, abolish papal power, and official establish Presbyterianism. John Witherspoon convened the first assembly.

The first American Presbytery was located in Philadelphia, 1706. The "Great Awakening" revived the faith, led by Jonathan Edwards and Gilbert Tennant.


In the United States, roughly 1.7 million people belong to the Presbyterian Church. Nationwide, there are nearly 100,000 congregations.


Presbyterianism keeps many of Calvin's beliefs. Some principles include: sovereignty of God, authority of Scripture, and justification of grace through faith. Their confessions are kept in "The Book of Confessions."


Social justice is important to the Church. They focus on environmental help, along with helping the poor.

The Church provides schools, hospitals, and churches worldwide. Most schools provide educational materials and curriculum used in Sunday school that are led by local Christians.


Long Island is home to several Presbyterian churches. There are two churches nearby: one in Mineola, on 1st and Main, the other in New Hyde Park.


The Presbyterian Church, similarly to the Lutherans, only keep 2 Sacraments: Baptism and Communion. However, the two are reformed versions of the Catholic Sacraments.


The Presbyterians don't have an official leader like the Catholic Pope, but they do have leading councils.

Steven J. Corwin is the president and chief executive officer of the New York Presbyterian Church.

The congregation is the head of the Presbyterian church. The congregation runs the commissions the session and the Deccan board. The session runs the presbytery which runs the synod. The synod and presbytery runs the general assembly.

Global Connections

The Presbyterian Church is established on most of the continents. However, the church is specifically connected to Liberia, Ghana, and Ireland. They have missions worldwide including the Bethel Ministries International in Guatemala.


Catholic Relations

The Catholic and Presbyterian Church tend to get along well. They wish to show their Christian unity; a way they show this is through belonging to ecumenical councils together.

Interesting FActs

Reverend John Witherspoon, a Presbyterian, signed the Declaration of Independence.

Presbyterian derives from the Greek word for "Elder"

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