Athletic Registration 2020-2021 Athletic Season

New Athletic Registration

If this is your first time registering for a sport at Canyon Springs High School this is the section for you to pay particular attention to. Below you will find a video with instruction on how to register, but before that, make sure you have the following information nearby:

  • What sports are you interested in playing? We offer Football, Boys and Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys and Girls Water Polo, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Wrestling, Cross Country, Track and Field, Baseball, Softball, Swim, and Cheer.
  • To make this process easier for you, please register for every sport you think you will be interested in playing.
  • Please have your health insurance policy number ready (take photo of it with your phone or scan it into your computer).
  • If you have gotten a physical (athletic screening) for the new year take a picture/scan of the page that has the check box for “Cleared to play without restrictions”, the doctors signature and the date of the physical must be on the same page and must be clear. Your name must also be visible (in short, make sure the entire page is visible).
  • If you have not gotten a physical, our physical form is available for download from athleticclearance.com and must be filled out and uploaded before you begin to participate in a sport.
  • You’ll need to know your health history and you’ll need to provide emergency contacts (which will allow coaches to access your emergency card).
  • The last part of the registration process requires you and a parent/guardian to digitally sign consent forms. Please review these forms with your parent/guardian and have them sign where indicated.

Go to Athletic Clearance to begin a new registration and follow the steps the below (you can also watch the video example of the process below).

  • Click California
  • Click the Button that says “Register” to create an account
  • We also suggest using your school email and school password to register, if for some reason you cannot use that then make sure it is something you can remember for years to come
  • Create Account and Log-In
  • Click the button that says “Start Clearance Here!”
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Three drop-down menus will come up... For year select “2020-21”... For school make sure you select “Canyon Springs” ... For sport pick the primary sport you are registering for
  • Begin to fill in the form: On page 1 you will need to enter your INSURANCE INFORMATION: Select “YES” or “NO” to indicate if you are covered by health insurance. (If you select Yes you will need to enter who your insurer is AND your POLICY NUMBER (not PHONE NUMBER). If you select No, you will be asked to purchase insurance for the school year and a link will pop up for a low-cost option for this... Purchase insurance here!)
  • After entering all information required for page 1, continue to page 2 by clicking the “SAVE” button
  • Page 2 of registration is where you can download and upload your physical form and your proof of insurance. If you have already done your physical please upload it where is says “Upload Physical Form”. If you have not gotten a physical the link for the physical form is on top “Download Your School’s Physical Form Here”. Upload your proof of insurance by clicking the “Proof of Insurance” button.
  • Click “SAVE”
  • Page 3 is your Health history. Go through and select Yes or No for each one.
  • Click “SAVE”
  • Page 4 is Parent/Guardian Information and other emergency contacts
  • Click “SAVE”
  • Page 5 is the Parent and Student-Athlete Consent Forms. Please have your parent look over and sign there full name in the boxes on the left.
  • Click “SUBMIT”
  • On the next page there will be an option for you to select multiple sports (if you want to register to play other sports throughout the year). Select all the sports you are thinking about playing and Submit.
Athletic Registration for Athletes who have Registered in the Past

If you have registered on Athletic Clearance in the past (for Canyon Springs High School) then log into your same device you used to register before and you should be able to register and move over your PHYSICAL if it is still VALID. If you use a different device or if you cannot remember how to log in, you will need to register a new account and complete the process completely once again for the sports you want to play (See above directions for registering from scratch).


We look forward to having you out for all the sports you are interested in playing. If you have any questions feel free to email your coach or the Athletic Director. The contacts for each sport are pictured below.