Electricity Reduce your Use

New Zealand has a high level of renewable electricity production....

....but this is still supplemented by burning fossil fuels

Greenhouse gas emissions are produced when we use electricity and gas.

There are so many things we can do, to decrease our use of these energy sources.

Our collective effort will reduce our reliance on unsustainable resources.

we have the power, if we have the inclination.

Wash clothes in cold water.

Hang your laundry out to dry rather that using a dryer.

There are so many ways to avoid using a dryer! Even when the weather is wet!

Check out the local artisan Crafty Gatherer site for ideas.

Only run the washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.

Use a flow reducer and take a shorter shower!

Have your shower before bed, you use less fossil fueled electricity after 9pm

Reduce your water use and pop your kids in a little bath! reduce your energy bill and get solar hot water....

Use LED lightbulbs

Switch off lights when not in use

We can do this New Zealand!

Heading into cooler climes, consider how you can keep your house warm, in a more sustainable way.

Have a Sustainability Options consultant give you a free home assessment.

Will be available for consultations in Level 2. Free assessments only for those in Western Bay of Plenty.

Do your research before purchasing electrical items such as heaters!

and to find the best solid fuel fire option for you.

Tips from a Herald article for keeping your house warm and dry through winter

Our beautiful land requires us to make a real and considered response to the intense challenge our existance places on Nature. There is no planet Number Two.

There are some neat websites for children, with lots of info about Renewable Energy

You can find these neat wordfinds on our FB page

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