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Receiving my Trademark in Washington, D.C. 2014

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Skill Set

User Experience Design, User Centered Design Process, Product Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Analytic Design, Mobile Design, Human Factors Testing & Design, Graphic Design, Digital Art Direction, Prototyping, SDLC, Training & Training Program Design, Rapid Process & User Research and Analytics. Graphic Design, Ontology Design, Off-shore & 3rd Party Testing, UX & IA implementations of scale at any phase.

Extensive Fortune 50™ client list: American Express, American Express Bank, Citibank, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Toyota, Salomon, Smith Barney, Ortho-McNeil Janssen, Pfizer, Phillips, Morgan Stanley, Neuberger Berman, Clear Channel, Standard & Poor’s, T-Mobile, U.S. Army and City of New York. Global financial and pharmaceutical companies.st

Career Highlights:

T-Mobile ‘JUMP!’ Platform Device Management Designer 2015.

Bennett Biometrics Trademarked 2014.

'Top 1%' of 200 million LinkedIn profiles for 2012.

#1 iOS Application: ClearChannel Radio's iHeartRadio for iPad 2011.

#1 Android Application: ClearChannel Radio's iHeartRadio for Android 2011.

City of New York’s 'Best IT Collaboration among Agencies' award 2009.

Voice Automation Industry 'Innovative Use of VoiceXML Award' 2004.

Secure Omni Channel

2016 - 2020

B2G Global Finance

2001 - 2005

Global Branding & Info Architecture

KPR & Assoc.

Internet, B2B & .com

1996 - 2000

Human Factors & Graphic Design

American Express Card Division

American Express Card Division

National Football League Management Council

National Football League Program for Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol

United States Army

Intelligence Analyst

1984 - 1995

The role of the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) Master Analyst (additional skill identifier (ASI) 1F) and of the MI noncommissioned officers (NCOs) are complementary by design. The attainment of a "Master" level certification for technical and tactical proficiency is a crowning achievement in any field. This note will highlight some of the key responsibilities and roles for the ASAS Master Analyst (AMA).

The certified ASAS Master Analyst (also known as the "Sly Fox") is responsible for the training of assigned soldiers and leaders, troubleshooting the system, and performance of intelligence analysis with the ASAS. The AMA's roles in the Analysis and Control Element (ACE) are to be an advocate, planner, and developer. These responsibilities and roles are key in the successful accomplishment of the ACE’s mission.

The ASAS Master Analyst provides both unit NCOs and officers in the ACE with a subject matter expert to facilitate the optimization of ASAS capabilities. These capabilities are successfully achieved through mission and system integration. The AMA serves as the primary point of contact on any issues relating to ASAS for unit commanders, NCOs, and soldiers.

Tours were assigned targets based on intelligence collection requirements from national and theater intelligence agencies. The targets included Soviet or East German garrisons, temporary deployment areas, field training areas, air-ground gunnery ranges, communications sites, river crossing areas, railroad sidings, and virtually anything else of military value in the country. Newly introduced or modified military equipment, especially combat vehicles and aircraft were always at the top of the target list. By virtue of the bilateral agreement, the only locations off-limits to the USMLM were "places of disposition of military units," so the tours had to be exceedingly careful of where they stationed themselves to observe things such as military movements or tactical exercises. Tour members duly pursued, observed, recorded, and photographed whatever they encountered.

U.S. Army Berlin Brigade
West German Parliament @ Berlin Wall, 1988
South Korea DMZ Fire Base 4 Papa 3, 1985

The responsibilities and roles of the AMA demand mission and leader expertise. The NCO who meets the stringent training and certification requirements is prepared to "take charge," produce intelligence for the commander, and be always out front.

Fort Sill, Oklahoma 1984
U.S. Army National Training Center
NTC OPFOR Intelligence

Unclassified Education