Dragster By: zach stickley

What was I given?

I was given the task to design, produce a working drawing for, and build a CO2-powered dragster according to specifications below. I was also tasked to complete the required list of documents which I will give you now.So

So what did I create?

With the task/requirements given to me I created a working dragster that can be raced with the help of a CO2 cartridge. I used the program SolidWorks to design a working dragster and then proceeded to make the physical dragster.


The process I went through was pretty simple and fun overall. The first step to making my dragster was creating the dragster body in the program SolidWorks. It was my first time using this program so there were some challenging obstacles. The second step to making my dragster was printing my design and carving out my physical dragster. This step was one of my favorites because of the carving. The next step in my process was racing my dragster, and it was really fun and intereting completing this step. The lat step in my procces was to make improvments to my design and make a new dragster. Once I completed my second design I could really see some of the things that had improved on my design.

-This was my first design-


While completeing this project I learned many cool and helpful skills that I will be able to use in my future. Some of the smaller skills I learned/improved include making something on SolidWorks, my patience, and my craftmanship. One of the major skills I learned to use will making my dragster was improving something that you have made. Making my second draster really helped me relize how much of a difference it can make just making that one little improvment on whatever ou are doing.

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