My AGP UX design Learning Journal Hiroko Naiker

Class 1

Here’s what you’ll do in Class 1:

  • Identify a problem you want to solve as part of UX course
  • Conduct observations
  • Create some concept models
  • Upload concept models as PDFs to Education Exchange

What Is A Persona? Link

"A persona is a way to model, summarise and communicate research about people who have been observed or researched in some way. A persona is depicted as a specific person but is not a real individual; rather, it is synthesised from observations of many people. Each persona represents a significant portion of people in the real world and enables the designer to focus on a manageable and memorable cast of characters, instead of focusing on thousands of individuals. Personas aid designers to create different designs for different kinds of people and to design for a specific somebody, rather than a generic everybody."

(A Closer Look At Personas: What They Are And How They Work (Part 1)By Shlomo Goltz)

This is first time to creative my persona on the XD design. I followed from video and tried to create my person. It is easy to use the XD design however, I need time to practice using XD design software and I hope I will improve the software in end of this course.

Class 2


When l started designing my first website, I made a plan to create my sitemap for my website using my brain store and designing my website without sketching. In addition, l look at a few other websites that showed visual representation of the relationships between different page on a site. It took a lot of time to create a sitemap and it was not easy. However, I was surprised that there was plenty of software I would be able to use to create a sitemap without using code or sketching such as Adobe XD Design. This would be better as in the past l would have had to use planning tools to create my sitemap and build a menu with all the information: Now a lot of time, would be saved. I hope to be able to create and use my sitemap and develop websites anywhere and anytime.

Class 3


I had never tried to produce a wireframe until I started taking this class 3. I looked at a few other mobile phones’ wireframe designs on the Google. It was not easy to create a wireframe. When an idea came up, I was able to sketch out a wireframe UI and test this on five users. Then I started designing this wireframe of a mobile phone on the Adobe Camp. I was surprised that this software was easy to create designing of wireframe on my IPad, then I was able to transfer it to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or Muse on my computer.

This is a great exercise to make a wireframe on the Adobe Camps with an IPad / mobile phone and it helps people who are interested or they want to have a new skill of UX, UI / web design. In addition, they have extensive knowledge in the field of UX and Web designing.

If I was in the classroom, I might use a project with a group; make a plan, share ideas to create wireframes and sketch it on the paper etc.

Live Class 3 was excellent and I learned to create a paper prototype and test. Before, I was not sure what test the UI experience on three users videoing their repose was. I followed the video which showed “the process of testing apps using paper prototype” on the Vimeo I had watched. Then I tried to use my video camera to test my apps user paper prototype. However, Live Class 3 showed how to create simple designing of wireframe on the Adobe Camp. It did not take longer to create on this Adobe Camp and I enjoyed making my own wireframe on my iPad.

Class 4

Create a mood board, style tile and finished layout.

My project was about the Macarthur Square Shopping centre which after expansion, became the biggest shopping centre in South West Sydney. There is a lot of great new brands such as Puma, Hokka Hokka Asian restraint etc. I have been attracted the shopping centre which is a beautiful place to shop and I enjoyed going to the beautiful new café. It was easy to come up with an idea and I collected all images inside and outside shopping centre to prepare a Mood Board.

The Style Tile I created using these images and choosing colour and texture. In addition, I looked at the new logo on a brochure. This logo was using purple, orange, brown and yellow. I preferred these colours to create a mock-up in the app design and background. I chose “InterFace San Self” font that suited with my App mobile design.

I transferred my four pages’ App design from Photoshop CC to Adobe Preview to test. Every page had a hierarchy, using visual clues to help this such as a layout structure to the screen would give the user a clear understanding of where their eyes should go first.

Live Class 4 was excellent and I learnt using new tools in Photoshop CC such as Artboard and Liberalise etc. I mostly used these tools to make a layout and a mock-up of this design for the Assignment 4 on Photoshop CC.

I believe I may be able to use this Photoshop CC to create or build up my UX design to get a different career.

Mood broad

Style Tile

Class 5

Writing to Prototype, was amazing to produce a working prototype of the Adobe XD design. It was easy, simple and understanding user testing for this final stage even, I never tried to produce a working prototype. This assignment was also easy to work it with Adobe XD Design without using code. The class 5 helped me to create UX design: using new tools in Photoshop and working my user testing in XD design. I believed I gained my expertise a working prototype after I took Live class 5.

It was difficult to find an idea to create a prototype design in this assignment. However, I looked at other people works from the Behance and I made sketching out my design I had done previously in week 3. This week 3 helped me to produce a working prototype and it speeded up development as the prototype design could be work in progress towards the finished digital project.

I worked this project with Photoshop, I had done previously in week 4 and I was focused on colour, layout, and pattern on my five pages’ design. Then I pasted any graphic into XD to produce a working prototype for a user testing. It was the perfect tools in XD design and I enjoyed working in this project.

Unfortunately, I have no my peers who study or work in the fields of designing industries or schools. I hope people give me a feedback or respond to my assignments so that it will help me to improve my designing work and build up my portfolio in the future.

Final Assigntment

This course was the first challenge to learn new software such as Adobe XD design, Camp, Spark and Capture. I was pleased to join this course and I enjoyed creating my own UX design with this software.

I joined each class live. With the help of great teachers who taught me step by step, I was able to use this understanding to create the design in each class live: sitemap, mood board, user testing and prototype.

At first, I could not understand how to study this course because it was all online. Also, I had never learnt UX design before. In fact, it was quite stressful doing the first assignment. Since I had learnt the steps during each class, l had got the point as to how to create UX design, because I met great teachers. They explained to us properly in each class by using screen boards and recording each class live online which made things easier. I enjoyed learning during each class and worked on each assignment quite well.

From now on, I will continue to further create and learn UX design to build up my portfolio and expand my profile on social media such as Linked In. I hope to make a difference to my career and continue to work on UX designing in the future.


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