Henry Hudson By payson coleman

Not much is known about Henry but here is some information .Henry Hudson was born in London England. He lived in a wealthy family and Henry's grandfather was the founder of Muscovy Trading company.

Henry ships were small but had big adventures. Henry and his crew wonted to find a north west passage to china but they never fond it. On his 3rd and last trip the got stop by ice like ever time. They got stuck and spent all winter there. Henry died and his son and some crew was left behind for ever and never herd of aging.


On his trip he got married and had 3 sons. Henry has more water ways named after the anyone in the world. One of Henry Hudson ship is called the hopewell. The Hudson river is 216 feet deep that the lowest part of the river and 3 1/2 miles wide.

Henry Hudson never fond what he wonted but he was one amazing person.





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