Giotto di Bondone BY HANNAH MIKOL

Giotto's life

Where he came from

He was born in July 1266 in a village, Vespignano, that is near Florence, Italy. He died in 1336 in Florence.

How he spent his life

He spent most of his life in Florence but did travel to places like Tuscany and Siena to be an apprentice to other artists.


He had no formal education and he learned from his apprenticeships. No one knows for sure what education he got because he was a shephard.

his lifestyle

He grew up on a farm and he took care of sheep and was a shepherd. He painted and when he became an adult he became an apprentice when someone saw his wok ad thought that it was very good.

His styles of art

The type of art that Giotto did was architecture, frescos and he also painted. Three of his most famous artworks are the decoration of the Scovegni Chapel, Life of the Virgin, and Life of Christ, he also made the cricifixion


The patrons that Giotto had were the King of Naples and Pope Benedict XI.

the "isms" Giotto symbolizes

There is humanism in most of his paintings because he shows all the emotion that the people are feeling. He also has classicism in his work because of the symmetry that shows up in his work. When the cross is the same on both sides and he places the number of people and angels on both of the sides of the main focus point then the symmetry is shown. Naturalism was also a very big part of his work he incorporated many different textures and the used light in the best way that he could to make his paintings pop.

Famous work of art: Crucifixion

The name of the artwork is the crucifixion.

The piece was created in 1305.

This artwork is currently in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy. It is a fresco which means that it is attached to the wall.

The significance of the painting is that in this painting he did not worry about setting or the things around Jesus he only focused on the meaning and the most important parts though showing human emotions and not have a landscape background. This a new way of painting because mos other paintings have a setting son that you can figure out more about the paining. His artist choice was that if he were to have a background landscape then it would take away from the meaning of the picture.

This piece shows how some people are very close to Jesus and wanted to help him as much as they could while others would fight over his clothes. It shows how happy the angels are that this great man will join their kingdom and be with them forever. It shows the sadness that this reflects on people but also how people can be happy and cheerful from this. They do know that he is going into a better place. You can see the respect that this lady has towards Jesus because she is kneeling at his feel collecting his dripping blood. The loyalty is very great in this painting and you can see just how much Jesus affects the people around him. There is a silence all around because as you can see in their expressions they don't know what to say or what to do, they just let it happen and watch it.

This painting, Crucifixion, has classicism because it is symmetrical and elegant. The groups of people on either side of the cross are even as well as the angels on both sides that surround him. There is humanism because the emotion that the people are feeling is shown on their faces and in their actions and body language. There is a group that looks sad and others happy while there is a lady that is helping to catch the dripping blood which shows how much she cares about him. There is naturalism because there are many different lights and textures in this painting. It seems to have a very light sky and around the angels is even whiter. There is also texture in the clothing and the sky seems to have its own sort of texture.

It is very colorful even though what is happening in it is not a happy occasion. The people don't seem fazed by what is happening but they fight over what is his. I think that it is interesting how the angels surround him because it seems like they are excited that he will be in their kingdom. Also there is a balance in it with groups of people on either side and the angels surrounding them. It's not a sad feeling it has more of a light and happy feeling.

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