Unbroken Project by peter schinkel

If you enjoyed reading Airman, then you will love this book. Unbroken is the story of a man named Louis Zamporini. Both books protagonists are interesting even before the conflict starts. Louis ran track in the olypics before he was drafted into the air force to fight in world war two. Like Conner however, it all changed soon. Louis crashed in the pacific ocean in his b-24 bomb called "The Green Hornet". He escaped the crash with two other crew members. Only one made it with Louis. Weeks later dieting of thirst and hunger, Lui and his friend Phil were picked up by a Japanese ship and put in a prision cap. Lui was now a Prisoner Of War (POW).

In both books you see men trying to drag the characters down and crush their hope and will to live, but it didn't work will conner, and neither did it work with Lui. Lui was abused in every way imaginable and yet, at the end of the war he was still standing. But unlike Conner, he didn't have a happy ending. He was married, but he soon began to drink. While imprisoned, there was a man named Mutsushiro Watanabe, or The Bird as he was know among POWs. He was especially viscous and abusive. For many years, The Bird tormented Lui at night, and left him depressed and tired in the day. But one day, his wife convinced him to go hear a man preach Christianity. Lui grudgingly agreed and after a few times hearing him speak, Lui became a cristian and be an a career telling his story too any who would listen. Instead of getting revenge like conner, Lui have overcomed his enemy, and never saw him again, in flesh or in dreams.

Louis Zamperini

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