Friendship🤞🏽 By : Raul❣️

What's a friend? A friend is a person who bring out the best in you. There the ones you call to talk about things. The first ones to know everything about you.

What's something that I do with my best friend? I talk to him on the phone. We go get coffee and go eat. We had have many memories. I love my best friend.

What are good qualities in a friend? Well, I think a good friend is supportive, caring, kind, bold, not afraid to stand up for them, warm hearted, and chill.

I think some bad qualities in a friend are...bullying, stealing, and talking behind you back.

The best way to make new friends is being kind and showing them that your capable of holding a friendship.

Now I'll show you some of my friends.


There real pains sometimes but there always there when need them.🙃

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