iPhones By: Karalea fox

iPhone 3G is the second generation of iPhone released the iPhone 3G dose not include FaceTime because there is no front camera.

The iPhone 4 was released to the public on June 7 2010 the iPhone is alittle more square then the iPhone 3 unlike the iPhone 3 the iPhone 4 has a front facing camera.

The iPhone 5 comes in different kinds like there is the iPhone 5c,5s witch here both released on September 20 2013 unlike the iPhone 5 which was released on September 21 2012 this iPhone also has a front facing camera and also includes FaceTime.

The last iPhone i will be talking about is the iPhone 6 the iPhone 6 has a different shape then the 5 for it is more thinner and rounded the iPhone 6 has better camera then the iPhone 5 and it come in many colors the iPhone 6 was released on September 19 2014.


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