My art experience is low considering the fact that I did not do art at all in middle school except for 6th grade. This is the first year I have done any art classes.In the future I want to be one of the fastest speed-cuber (poeple who can solve the Rubik's cube) alive! I haven't put to much thought into what I am gonna go to college for but I would say for either engineering or mechanic.

Lines and contour
Space- positive and negative
Relation ships and proportions
Lights and shadows

Contour lines are line that starts with just a dot but you pay attention to the shapes and not what you are drawing. When doing the upside down drawing if you don't think about what you are drawing and just focus on the shape then it will automatically turn out better.

The negitive and space drawing helped me realize where and how to put shadows in the right areas and how to show the differences. My older drawing did not have about any shadow because I did not really know how to do it so I would just put it in without knowing if it actually went there.

Before hand
After hand

For my hand drawings I mostly improve on the shadows because I also had no shadows in the first picture and did not look nearly as good. I also improved on the shape of my had a little compared to the first time.


My profile turned out better then I thought it would and I like it other then the fact I don't think it really looks like me and I was also having trouble with the hair and certain shadows in certain places.


My stippling piece was one I really had to focus on because if I messed up I could not restart so I went slow so I could make sure to get the most detail I could. When I first started this project I did not know how to make a shadow very well so I went slow and figured out that the closer they are the more of a shadow it creates, but if it's further the less shadow the shadow is.

Scratch board

My scratch board was one of my favorite projects but I could not get the shadow every where I could because I messed up on one part and it changed The Who picture. I also screwed up when I was making the white parts brighter because I did not notice the back of the knife was rubbing on my photo and that's why there are random white spots.

Two point perspective

My two point perspective was different compared to some of my other pictures because the shadows on each side are different and the further down the hall it went the closer together the picture got and they both went different ways.

Before self portrait
After self portrait

I improved a lot on my self portrait in every way with the shadows to the shape of every thing. I did not even out shadows on my first one because I did not know where they would go and I did it in less then one hour. My after portrait has a better shape shadow and better every thing and took one week.

Conceptual drawing

The value in this one is a lot because the light is only coming from one side which in my drawing that made me kinda confused in the k because the shadow was covering almost all of it so the shape was a little more difficult to draw.

Some thoughts on the class is that it has helped my very much in certain ways that I thought I would never be able to do but that has changed, the class is also just enjoyable to relax in while your drawing.

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