Title IX History of alex morgan

Alexandra Patricia Morgan who was born on July 2nd 1989. Is an olympic gold medalist, FIFA womens world cup champion, and American soccer player. She went to Diamond Bar High School and attended University of California at Berkeley, which was her home state. Morgan was a multi-sport athlete as she was growing up but she didn't start playing organized soccer until she was 14. In 2009 she became the youngest member of the U.S. soccer team. She was the first over all pick for the U.S. women's professional soccer draft.

In the early 20th century no womens league were established but in parts of England, France, and Canada competitive was not uncommon. In the United Stares during the 1950s the first women leagues were established known as the Craig Club Girls Soccer League. Title IX want enacted in June 23, 1972 by Richard Nixon. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in any program.

Since 1972 Title IX has helped even the chance for women and men to be on the playing field. In 1921 there was a ban on women for playing soccer for an incredible period of 50 years. Not many countries were affected by the ban but in 1930s Italy and France established a women's leagues. In Italy they formed its national association in 1950 and in Germany they organized the first informal European championship in 1957. When England rescinded their ban on womens soccer, long after it became an object of derision throughout most of Europe. After this more than 35 countries had national leagues.

In Castletown State College the first college varsity team was established in the mid 1960s. A major factor in the growth of womens college soccer was the passage of the Educational Amendments of 1972. As a result of this amendment and many others many college varsity soccer programs for women were being established at dozens of colleges and universities throughout the country. In 1996 women's soccer was added to the olympics for the first time.

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