Euronews vs. CNN International Media: Comparing CNN & International News Outlets

Euronews on a Global Scale

When dissecting Euronews website to CNN it is clear to see the differences and similarities in both. Euronews outsources more world news headlines, underlying that European news is not as important or the lack there of European news. As for the picture above, sports news dominates this organization. United States news accounts for much of the headlines of the European news Top Stories including Oscars independent spirit award, Clinton's documentary, Mardi Gras traditions, and more. Noticeable, these headlines all fall under the entertainment category rather than hard news.

Palestine protest Donald Trump, throwing shoes at life size picture of him. -shot by Euronews photographer

Euronews Front Page

The structure of the Euronews website coincides with "important" entertainment news, receives pictures while business news receives just a headline. So it is that entertainment news appeals to the audience foreshadowing the business/ gut news of the day. Thus, this is especially true for the Editor's Column of the site.

Milan Fashion Week, the Trump{et} statue, synchronized skiing, and the Oscars sums up the focus of Entertainment news that's continuing to dominate news forces on Euonews reporting webpage. -all photos retrieved from webpage.

Euronews Countering CNN

As mentioned in the video above, Euronews was inspired by the US news arena, just adding the European perspective to the domain. This is why we can see on the Euronews page, much of the US's main event stories being reported due to the cultural influences the US has on European society. Another notable acquisition is the use of ads in both websites. We know that advertising dollars are important and are an assured two way flow of communication for the news' advertising dollars and the potential income for the exposure to the viewers visiting the page. CNN typically sticks to one advertiser such as Cadillac. Cadillac advertising in different forms of video, picture, audio, can be found while strolling throughout the CNN news page. On the other hand, Euronews include an array of advertisers ranging from Kraft cheese, Ashley Stewart clothing, and Scotts' tissue can all be found on a single page of the website throughout the story lines. Thus, this shows CNN constantly appealing to the audience to attract them to the advertiser's website/product as well.

Cable News Network {CNN}

  • -picture retrieved from CNN webpage

Expand your imagination

  • photograph retrieved from CNN webpage

CNN dominating factor

Cable News Network's website is one that is structured and focuses on the events happening internally within the US and later down the page prompting to international events. CNN, in a sense, preserves the American culture and attracts audiences, making them aware of the top events such as Mardi Grad intoxicated crash killing, Presidential Election rigged, and the Leakiest White House in decades, going on within the first look at the webpage as oppose to Euronews addressing European issues toward the bottom of their webpage. CNN pays special attention to Political Action news which is dominate in this arena.

The above video identify the conglomerates that we have been discussing the past few weeks in our class. The video ties all the loose ends of the dynamics of these corporations and their intentions to the viewers. Thus, each individual corporation has its own agenda setting standard but all are influential in the audiences that view these organizations.

-- All information, video, and photographs were retrieved from,, and on Friday, February 24, 2017.

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