Twilight Author:Stephenie meyer

Author Bio

Stephenie Meyer was born in Hartford, Connecticut on December 24, 1973. She is the best-selling author of the Twilight book series. She attended Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Graduating high school in 1992, she earned herself a National Merit Scholarship. With that scholarship she attended Brigham Young University where she majored in English Literature. Stephenie is well known for her Twilight book series. The novels sold to nearly more than 250 million copies, and has been translated into 37 languages. The novels have been made into films. Twilight was honored as a New York Times "Editor's choice and Publishers weekly best book of the year".

Genre, Theme, Setting

The novel Twilight is a romance, fantasy, young adult fiction Genre. The setting is in a small town named Forks, Washington. The theme of this novel is about two characters who fell in love when they didn't think they would. That it doesn't matter on what point of life that you're struggling in because your voice can and will still be heard because it's your choice on which path you want to take. Life's about risks and that's what Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are doing because of Bella being human and Edward being a vampire.

Plot Summary

Bella Swan is a teenager that moved to Forks, Washington to live with her father who she hadn't seen for a while since her parents divorced. In school she meets a handsome guy named Edward Cullen, who she thinks dislikes her a lot. Edward Cullen is a vampire who doesn't stand being close to humans because it'll give him the need to want to suck their blood out. Bella and Edward eventually talk and they fall in love instantly while knowing that they're bad for one another.


Bella Swan is a teenager who moved to Forks, Washington because of her moms new boyfriend that she didn't quite like and falls in love when she least expected it. Edward Cullen is a vampire who lives in Forks, Washington and is very independent but also falls in love without wanting too. Charlie Swan is Bella Swans father and he's a sheriff for Forks, and is single due to the divorce years ago from Bella's mother and him.

Main Conflict

The main conflict in the book is brought about by Bella walking in and stepping in front of the fan and her smell went to where Edward was sitting. When Bella had to sit next to Edward in the class they had together it caused tension between the two. Tension because Edward is a vampire and he loves human blood, while Bella is a human that doesn't know about Edward being a Vampire. After Bella is assigned to sit next to Edward he starts missing days of school causing her to think that he disliked her or something. Quickly after a while things got better between them and then they became a couple even with the differences.

Book Evaluation

I honestly love this book! There isn't a time where I don't want to stop reading. When I first saw the movie I really liked it especially since it involved teenage love that had a conflict of one being a human and the other being a vampire. When I first read and saw this novel I was like "Awe Man I just got to keep reading!" and so I did. Bella and Edward started off pretty rough but eventually feelings got involved and they just connected even with their differences. I honestly would recommend this book if you like Love fantasy romance books.


"You don't know how long i've waited for you, i'd rather die, than stay away from you" -This saying says that Edward has always been waiting for a girl like Bella and he'd risk it all just so that he can be with her because if they couldn't be together he would rather be dead.

Vocabulary Words


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