Interview withTom Sawyer by Mathilde ouellet

Interviewer: Hello Tom how are you ? Tom: Fine thank you and you ? Interviewer: Fine thanks, today we will talk about you? Tom: Cool!!!!!
interviewer:Why you live whit your aunt? Tom: I live whit my aunt because my parents were dead in a river when I was Young. I do not remember them. Interviewer:OH, I am so sorry, do you remember them sometimes?Tom: Sometimes , but not often. I can just remind the voices of my parents.
Interviewer: Why you like so much Huck? Tom: Huck is my friend because he is just like me and he love adventure. Huck make me happy and he make me made adventure.
Interviewer: Now, Why you like so much Becky ? Tom: I like so much Becky because she is nice whit me and she is very beautiful.
Interviewer: I have a last question for you, Why you like so much adventure? Tom: I like adventure because I like take rick and do it whit friends.
Interviewer: Thank you very much! Tom: Your welcome!!


Created with images by Gwydion M. Williams - "Tom Sawyer" • HarshLight - "Tom Sawyer Island" • janeb13 - "anna chlopecki lecturer in wikipedia" • rickpilot_2000 - "Raft to/from Tom Sawyer Island" • The Pug Father - "Hunting for the EP Tom Sawyer park Cave"

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