Linocut Print Maggie Kiernan

For my project I chose the lion. I chose this animal because I am a Leo and lions are such beautiful and majestic creatures! Although, they are threatened due to their beauty everyone wants a piece of the lion. Lions are very social animals, they live in prides with around 30 other lions but the pride size depends on food and water availability. They are native to Africa but even found in Greece but now are not because their population has decreased dramatically.

I have actually done a linocut print before, I did one in 8th grade. That made this project a lot easier for me. My mistakes from last year taught me skills I would've lacked if I had not have done that project. Although I learned a lot from last years print I did learn from this years too! Things like you can add a lot of detail to your design, don't add TOO much ink, press harder on the paper, cut deeper so the negative space is more clear. This project was fun for me because I didn't struggle like I did before.

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