So you want to be a Physical therapist By Lorenzo McBean

Why Chose Physical Therapy?

So your question probably is why would I want to become a Physical Therapist the answer is that being the fact that we all have bodies and in order to keep my body and loved ones continuously running i have to understand how the body works on a mobility level at the end of the day no one knows my body better i do so with the knowledge that i would obtain that i would get being a physical therapist would be great for me especially because of the constant toll i put on my body being in the Army the knowledge will keep me up and running longer and stronger free of injury.

What is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is physical medicine and rehabilitation that promotes function and quality of life through exams, diagnosis and physical intervention. The practitioners are called physical therapist, being a form of medicine from around 460 BC physical therapy has been a prevalent form of medicine from massages, manual therapy and even hydrotherapy has been utilized for centuries but when an association was founded in 1924 named the American Physical Therapy Association or APTA modern day physical therapy took huge strides in the modern world with polio running vapid around the world and no cure in sight physical therapy was prescribe to provide some type of remedy to those who had the disease. Once the cure was found it was obvious that physical therapy was here to stay and in the coming years physical therapist were not only seen in just hospitals but in outpatient clinics, public schools, colleges and rehab centers and now physical therapy plays an major role in a professional sports team.

How this field relates to my current degree plan?

My degree plan currently doesn't focus on physical therapy, my current degree plan is steup to obtain an associates in general studies but my plan to change it is to find a college where I'm currently stationed at and see if they offer and CAPTE programs. CAPTE is, in the Physical Therapy community the program you want to go into to obtain your degree in physical therapy CAPTE stands for Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, if i can find one which thus far have all attempts have come up short in the area that i am in I would enroll in the program which is about three years of schooling but because physical therapy is part of the medical field that is very competitive i would have to obtain an doctorate in physical therapy.

Whats the annual salary
  • The average physical therapist salary is $82,390
  • The lowest vs the highest salaries are $56,800-$116,090
  • Entry level Therapist's starting salary is $56,800
  • The state of Nevada and New Jersey are the highest paying states for physical therapist sitting at $127,900 and $92,300 respectively
  • The best industry to be in when being an Physical therapist is Schools $96,810 and home care services $94,600
Education requirements
  • 3 years of and accredited academic program (Typically an doctoral degree
  • Have to have an bachelors degree
  • Complete lab requirements
  • Volunteer and observation hours
Hiring Climate
  • 34% occupation growth over the next 7 years 73,500 new jobs and counting
  • Monthly clinic development classes
  • Discounted courses
  • Section 125 flexible spending account for medical and dependent care
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • 75% of physical therapist work full time (More money and benefits!!!)
What are the different types of physical therapy?
  1. Orthopedic- Works on muscles, bones its usually a result of sport related injuries therapy includes Range movement techniques and manual therapy
  2. Pediatric- Generally works with children who have issues with coordination limb strength or a chronic disease that will debilitate them
  3. Geriatric - For older people who have succumb to arthritis
  4. Wound Care- Helps with tissue circulation after suffering from an major injury the therapist will clean the tissue around the wound as well as use electrical stimulation to help healing.
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