James Joyce Main styles, themes, and major works

Writing Style

  • Naturalism of Ireland - focus on the inherent nature of the Irish in a realistic way. At times can be grotesque (crime, etc.), but also happens to be the truth.

Major Themes

  • Nationalism - Born and raised in Ireland, Joyce had great pride in his country. Joyce was constantly traveling throughout Europe while he wrote, so he may have written about Ireland to remind himself of home.
  • Family - Even while he was young, Joyce always looked out for his family, providing a source of income whenever able. During and after his rise to fame, he remained loyal to his parents, siblings and wife.

Major Works

Dubliners (1914)

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916)

Exiles (1914)

Ulysses (1922)

Finnegan's Wake (1939)



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