My life was never good. I grew up with nothing, my mom was a prostitute and did crack. My dad was never in the picture, he left when I was about two. Never in my life did I have a father figure to be by my side, no one to teach me to ride a bike, swim, or play catch with. Life was hard growing up with nothing but all I wanted, one day was to have lots of money and to not care about anyone besides myself and all I had at the back of my mind was being rich but soon enough I was going to learn that money isn't always the best thing in the world

The sound of construction and taxi drivers yelling at each other was always a daily routine for waking up in New York. But things were about to change drastically with the biggest interview in my life for the top promotion on Wall Street with the CEO of the firm. That promotion soon will ruin my life forever. Waking up is never easy, I get up and brush my teeth, make a cup of coffee, read the news, shower then get dressed. I looked in the mirror and said to myself ''it's going to be a good day''. I step outside to homeless people asking for money and clouds of dust from the construction workers. ''TAXI!'' I yell, I then get in the taxi and start practicing for my interview, going over it line by line out loud. I walked into the elevator and press the 85th floor to the top. ''Hello, Mark good day isn't it?'' Says the CEO of the company. ''Yes, indeed it is'' I respond.

''Sit down, so how are you?''. As he pours a glass of whiskey.

''I'm doing good,''

''Wonderful. How about we start this interview?''

As the time passes the interview is finally over.

''I'll call you when I've made my final decision''

After the interview, I went down and as soon as I left the building it started to pouring rain. I try and run for a taxi to get home but some old lady jumps in and takes it, I'm standing there soaking wet trying to find a way to get home Finally, I get into a taxi and give him the directions to my place. I get out of the taxi and start moving my hands around myself looking for my keys.


I think back to where I would have left them? The taxi! How could I be so irresponsible.

I set my things down and chase the taxi down 5 blocks and find my keys.

''Could this day get any worse?''

Yes apparently it could, I walk back to my apartment and make my way upstairs pull out my keys and open the door to find my girlfriend cheating on me with another guy. Out of a range of mixed emotions, I start swearing at the guy, punching him in the face and then throw him down the stairs of the apartment. As I'm throwing him down the stairs my girlfriend is screaming at me not to hurt him. Like I could care at this point.

''Don’t hurt him'' is all I could here at this point.

Him. Him? What about me? What about hurting me?

I grab all of her stuff and throw it down the stairs and tell her to get out of my face. I slam the door shut and sit on the couch imagining how could this day get any worse. I realized I spoke to soon. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv and saw the weather for the next week was going to be all snow, it's April. As I'm waiting for the call I make some coffee and as I'm making it, it spills, everywhere scolding me.

''Why, just why!''

The call still hasn’t come and my whole day has been a disaster. Grabbing my keys, I leave my apartment.

''Maybe some food will help change this day.'' knowingly it will.

After looking for 30 minutes everything's closed early. I walk a couple more blocks and finally to a place that is open.

''Hello and welcome to McDonald's. What would you like for today?''

''I would like a chicken and bacon wrap crispy no tomato with an ice tea to drink''.

''sorry can you repeat that?''

''Yup.'' with a condescending tone of voice.

''Your total is nine dollars and sixty six cents''

I get my number for my order 1130 and wait for them to call it.

''Order number 1130''

Running up to grab my food. ''Yep that’s me''

As I'm walking out of McDonald's I see a homeless veteran on the ground holding a sign that says "please anything helps" I rummage through my pocket for some loose change. I find 3 dollars and put it in the homeless veterans cup. Right after I put it the change in his cup I get the call and as I put my phone to my ear the homeless man says,

''God bless man, have a great day.''

''You too,'' As I smile and put the phone to my ear,

My boss fills my ear with excitement, ''How's my new CFO?''

''Are you serious?'' in shock.

''Yes. I don't joke in this industry.''

''Wow, thank you so much sir, you won't regret your decision.''

''Make sure to be in the office for your first day tomorrow.''

''You bet I will thank you''

I make my way back to my apartment and walk up the stairs and as I walk up I see a huge package in front of my door step. I bring it into my apartment and put it on my coffee table and grab a knife to open it. As I start to open the package I hear a knock on my door. I look through the peep hole in my door and see another package, I pull it into my apartment and leave it on the floor and finish opening the other package. Thoughts are crossing through my mind as I open it, there's a bunch of paper in it I look through and pull out keys.

Keys? Hmm, I wonder what they're for. Looking all over the box I see a label that says ''See you tomorrow. -Boss''. Then I look at the other box it's not as big so I'm thinking what could it be. It says fragile so I have no idea, I start opening it and again more paper I dig around and find a note ''One day success will come.'' The box has no label I put the note down and look at the time and whoa is it getting late. I clean up the paper and boxes and get into bed. As I'm lying in bed I start thinking about how my life is going to change. Before I was making 15 dollars an hour, and now I will be making 150 dollars an hour. With that kind of money I will need a new house, hey maybe even a car. I close my eyes and fall asleep.

''Knock knock, hello anyone home??''

''Yeah I'm coming'' As I stumble out of bed I run to the door and open it.

''Hi'' I say with a big yawn.

'' Here you go.''

It’s an envelope about rent being do. I laugh and throw it away. I make my way to the bathroom, shower, brush my teeth, make a blow of cereal and sit on my couch and start watching the news

''On the Morning News, today's story will be about the 5th avenue dog that was hit and brought back to life''

Wow, finally something good on the news, I get dressed and walk out onto the street and see a limo with a sign ''Mark''. I get in the back seat and roll the window down and just think back to the times of taking the taxi, people yelling at me, construction and just think could get any better than this. I get out of the limo and walk into the main lobby and two beautiful girls walked me to my new office. I had the keys from the package the night before, I get to the office right before even going into it, it already looked amazing seeing huge doors and with my name on the side. It was everything I've ever dreamed of. After that one day things were great, I bought a new apartment and a $400,000 dollar Lamborghini, but things weren't as great as they seemed. About a year after the promotion things just went horribly wrong. After I feel into a deep depression and got addicted to cocaine. Ever hear of the saying "money can't buy happiness"? Well it can't buy happiness for life just for a small amount of time, but it can't buy it forever, I learned that the hard way. Money ruined my life.

Kaleb Diana

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