FIJI Ja'kaylan A. jackson

The place I chose is Fiji, Fiji is a island.

Population Map of Fiji

The highest population is mostly on the coast because many of the people wants to be on the coast instead of in the water.

The Continent of Fiji is Oceania It is a Island that stands in the middle of Fiji.
Fiji is a republic type of government and that is the flag posted above.

Fiji Was apart of a colony under a constitutional monarchy.

In 1970 they gained there independence from great Britain.

In 1987 a constitution was granted in Fiji.

Fiji has been a Republic type of government from before and after the 20th century.

Bata josefa llilo was the president of fiji.

Fiji was overthrown in 2006.


Military head commander Frank Bainimarma claimed the government had undermined the constitution by engaging the bribery and corruption and proposed legislation that seriously dis advantaged Fiji.

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