Should YouTube Ban Stunt Videos A matter of saftey for kids

One day a Kid decided to become famous on YouTube. He got the brilliant idea of doing a stunt video that will go viral. So he got a basketball, wet it with gasoline, and set it on fire. After the basketball is lit, he will sink a basket and will film the whole thing. Everything went allright, that is until he tried to shoot the ball. “His clothes caught on fire and he ended up in the Hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns”

Even though “ Some People are risking their lives doing dangerous stunts just to become famous on YouTube.”, I don’t think YouTube should block dangerous stunt videos because YouTube is just a platform that lets users view other YouTuber’s videos, so YouTube shouldn't be responsible for any injuries. Almost everybody wants to be famous, that’s not YouTube’s fault. Also, Stunt Videos are getting more popular so that’s an easy way to fame. Another reason Children are doing dangerous stunts is because their Brain is telling them to.

Anyways, It isn't YouTube’s job to keep Kids safe, that’s the Parent’s job. “Some of the earliest Greek comedies featured characters falling of the stage, being chased by wild animals, or smacking into walls”says Clair Mellithin.“During teen years, the area of your Brain that seeks pleasure and reward is well developed. However, the area of your Brain that controls judgement, the Prefrontal Cortex, is not.


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