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Silence is like the language of the unspoken world

A way to communicate, without speaking at all

A beautiful gift, but terrifying curse

Yet so fragile, so delicate

It can be shattered like a mirror with a single whisper

The Grass so little has to do—

The Grass so little has to do—

A Sphere of simple Green—

With only Butterflies to brood,

And Bees, to entertain—

And stir all day to pretty tunes

The Breezes fetch along,

And hold the Sunshine, in its lap

And bow to everything,

And thread the Dews, all night, like Pearl,

And make itself so fine

A Duchess were too common

For such a noticing,

And even when it die, to pass

In Odors so divine—

As lowly spices, laid to sleep—

Or Spikenards perishing—

And then to dwell in Sovereign Barns,

And dream the Days away,

The Grass so little has to do,

I wish I were a Hay—

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends


a red wheelbarrow

glazed with rain


beside the white



I glide through

Careless and free

Ice skating on life as if it’s one big ring

I feel weightless, unable to be harmed

I feel as if I escaped reality, but I know I did not

When I return I will be lonely, unwanted, unloved

I could leave

I could dive into the depths of the ocean called death

But I will not leave

For I will keep floating



Life is like a maze

You start at the beginning

You look down the vast, winding paths

There are loops and curves

Twists so sharp, you are spun back to where you started

Some are cautious, some are fearless

There are straight walkways

Meandering roads

Even dead ends

Life is like a maze

You just need the right person to guide you through it


Torrential rain

I struggle, as I cling to life

It can rip me away, in seconds

I fight against the howling winds

I fight

Until it ends

In disaster

Created By
Lauren Garner

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