Relationships By: Rebecca Lyons


A relationship with yourself is the most meaningful. By having a healthy relationship with yourself, you are able to have healthy relationships with others. I consider my relationship with myself to be strong because of my desire to care for my body, interests, needs, emotions, skills, motivations, and much more. Strengthening and acknowledging my self-relationship allows me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Having high self-esteem helps me better lead others, cope with stresses in my life, look to my future with high goals and success, take risks, and care strongly and deeply for others. I have always greatly valued my worth and the worth of other people. Although I would rate my self-esteem highly, it can always be improved. While improving upon my self-esteem, I focues on some of these thoughts to help feel better about myself......

  • Focus on recognizing what I can change and what I can't
  • Focus on setting goals
  • Focus on compliments
  • Focus on relaxation, exercise, and fun
  • Focus on trying new things
  • Focus on my skills, learning opprotunites, effort, and management.

My Family

My family is one of the most important parts of my life! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! They have always provided me with love, support, and a firm framework of values. Although I have a close relationship with all my family members, I am closest to my mother. She is my best friend and I trust her with all matters! My mother is the one I turn to with all advice. I greatly respect her thoughts, opinions, and level of professionalism.

We like doing lots of activities together, but our favorite is family home cooked dinners. It allows everyone to be together and enjoy good food. We usually hold these events on special holidays and birthdays. Everyone has their "designated dish" consisting of all our favorite food items.

Each family member holds a special place in my heart! I am close to everyone and talk to them on a regular basis. Each member offers me an enormous amount of love and support. Life would not be the same without the ones who matter most to me.

My Friends

I have had the same group of friends for several years. Most of my girlfriends I met during high school and through mutual friends. I am commonly known as the "funny" friend. I often spout out funny comments that make everyone laugh. I am also very caring and nurturing. I have a lot of friends that call me for advice when they are having a difficult time.

My friends are very important to me. We spend a lot of time together and enjoy cutting up and laughing. Although I mostly trust my family when it comes to more serious matter, I know that my friends are always there for me.

A good friendship consist of:

  • Loyalty
  • Trustworthness
  • Strong communication
  • Honesty
  • Love

My Love

My relationship is extremely important to me. My boyfriend is not only my boyfriend, but my best friend. We talk about anything and everything and care deeply for one another. He treats me like a princess and I feel lucky to have him in my life. I would consider our relationship healthy. We have strong communication skills and easily work through issues when they arise. We have a lot of respect for one another and treat one another with kindness and love.

My Support

I have been working toward my goal of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist for many years now. Through this process I have had to participate in many outside speech related activities and acquire many observation/volunteer hours. Throughout this process I have met many SLPs, students, teachers, advisors, and friends. They have encouraged me greatly and been very supportive throughout my journey. I am grateful to have met each and every person in this field. They have impacted me and my choices and helped me get to where I am today!

My Loss

I am fortunate that no one extrememly close to me has passed away. I have lost both of my great grandmother and grandfather, but where I did not see them very often, it did not hit me hard. When I lost my grandfather, it was more difficult, but at the time he was living in Florida and I did not see him very much either. I have so many close relationships that it scares me to think about losing someone I care so much about. I am not sure how I would handle loss, but I could imagine a lot of crying and sadness . I would also need a lot of support and love from family members and close friends. I also think in the position I would seek out counseling or someone who could help me cope with such a great deal of loss.

My Culture and Privilege

I am beyond privileged to live in a culture where I am free to be myself and have relationships with whomever I please. I make my own decisions and speak openly about my thought and feelings. Most of my relationships would fall into common and cultural "norms" according to the area I live in. I have not experienced muchdiscrimination in my own relationships, but have seen it first hand in others. It is important to accept people for who they are and build an understanding of others cultural differences and backgrounds. I have learned never to "judge a book by its cover" and treat all people with respect and kindness.

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