Harn Museum of Art By: Hadley Owen

Ode à l'Oubli is a hand-sewn and hand-stitched book. What caught my eye about this, was it's size, encompassing a huge portion of the wall, and the thickness, the fact that it was made from cloth. Each section of the work was very different and the pieces, even though they look to be separate, come together to form one. To me, this work communicated unity despite difference. I, along with many others, often generalize art as paintings, though that is most definitely not the case. This piece made me feel inspired to create something out of the norm, and out of the expected.

Ode à l'Oubli (2004) by: Louise Bourgeois

You round the corner, leaving one exhibit, headed to the next. You stumble upon a room bursting with natural light, art composed of different mediums strategically scattered all around the room, and a set of windows that encapsulates an entire wall; you have found the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. The first things that struck me about this wing, were the wall of windows, and the inclusion of the outdoors within the exhibit. The two worked well together, making me want to stay longer to absorb all that there was to offer. This wing made me feel very relaxed, at ease, and interested in Asian culture.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

One of my core values is equality. From the Guerrilla Girls exhibit I learned about another place where inequality is present: museums and the art world. Through this work, and a series of others, the Guerrilla Girls strive to push the art society toward equality. While looking at these pieces, I was filled with pride for my gender, and all the people that work to instill equality in our society. This exhibit helps me to understand that, despite what I see on a day to day basis, inequality is still such an issue today.

Guerrilla Girls Exhibit

This statue of a Buddhist saint, Bodhisattva, represents the Good Life theme of seeking. Since he looks to be meditating, it can be assumed that he is trying to attain enlightenment, and eventually reach the good life. This adds to my appreciation of the theme of seeking, by showing that there is more than one way to try to achieve the good life; through meditation, prayer and many other outlets.

Seated Bodhisattva (17th Century)
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