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Blog 1. 1-20-17

For my 20% project i'm planning on making exercise videos and pictures weekly and submit them to Instagram. At the end of the project i want for people to feel comfortable at the gym doing exercises they've never done. To document and share my project i have created a Instagram for it and ill be uploading content onto it weekly. I'm doing this project to live a healthier life and for others to join me. When i was younger and went to the gym i didn't know how to use every machine or how to do every thing with proper form and i want people who don't feel comfortable asking for help in the gym to be able to gain knowledge from my post.

Blog 1. 1-20-17

Blog 2. 2-2-17

This week we we looked for a mentor but were unsuccessful. My partner and i created a video on how to increase you're bench press. It consisted of three different exercises two warming up your upper back to have a solid base when you push off. Also to have you're back nice and lose with a key point like you're rear delt ready and mobile. During this week i benched a new personal record of 245 lbs.

Blog 3. 2-10-17

Another week has went by and i'm still unable to find a mentor. I was considering a family member to be my mentor but he lives to far and i really want to be able to spend time and communicate in person with my mentor. I've done research on new and different workout for your back and have been trying them. Also been trying to push myself in my shoulder workouts because its my weakest point because of a shoulder injury that occurred before and still affects me.

Blog 4. 2-17-17

This week I've been focusing and pushing my limits with leg workouts because its one of my strongest point. I reached a new Personal Record of 650 pounds on a leg press machine. As my squat PR has also increased to 295 pounds. The search for a mentor has still been difficult because i don't want to use any random person, i want someone who passionate and dedicated to this as i am.

Blog 5. 2-24-17

This week I've finally found a mentor and hes a really good friend we've developed some sort of a schedule to meet up and work out. Another new thing we've done with our workout is one day were going to train our abs and also incorporate some cardio too.

Blog 6. 3-3-17

Now that ive found my mentor we've set up a date (tomorrow) to workout. i hope to learn new tips and workouts from him. I also want to start a new type of diet and hope to gain knowledge from his experience. Also ive researcjed new bicep curl variations to incoporate into our workouts

Blog 7. 3-9-17

As of today i have reached 108 followers on Instagram. I have learned new exercises and different variations of exercises from bodybuilding.com. I was going to meet with my mentor over the past weekend but due to a family emergency we couldn't meet. This weekend we have a scheduled to meet and workout although we didn't meet i still ask for advice. All pictures and videos i have are on my Instagram page @alexomparanfitness. A website i constantly check for advice also is bodybuliding.com

Blog 8. 3-17-17

Based on the feedback we received from our presentations i feel like my partner and i hit every part pretty good. Receiving fours and fives throughout our categories made us feel pretty confident about how we are progressing. Over spring break i hope to get more workouts with him due to the fact that he usually work out in the morning due to the fact that he works at night and that when i can go. I also want to upload two to three times a week. Yesterday i got to work out with my mentor and he gave me some great new ways to exercise and he pushed me to my limits and i was able to bench 275 a new personal record .

Blog 9. 4-5-17

Over the past couple of days a i received a comment from a company located here in Moreno Valley. They saw my instagram and what I was doing and they asked me if I would like to be apart of there team to help change and shape the community. I had the opportunity to speak with the owner through emails. I submitted an application and a couple of days went by and i received an email saying I got accepted to be apart of this movement. So stoked and grateful for this opportunity only big roads ahead.

Blog 10. 4-14-17

since my last blog I've posted pictures but due to some current medical conditions its limited me from working out and doing other things. in my symposium i wanna show the company i represent and bring in a shirt to show also a bit of the conversation that i had with the manager from them. ill also had my handle up there so people can follow me.

Blog.10 5-1-17

i believe the symposium went very well. It went well from the presentation to public speaking. i think we could of made our board nicer and more visual. we received a lot of different feedback from people saying we spoke loud and clear to people saying we need to speak up but in general they liked it. our next steps for the end is to hit our goals and share them with everyone.

Blog 11. 5-5-17

my vision for this presentation is to have visuals from what we have done on Instagram and parts of video. between now and June i want to increase my benching goal because ive already accomplished it also i want to reach 200 followers .


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