Child labor By:Shannon De La Fuente


This is Crieg Kielburger , he travels the worlds tells people about what he does for the kids how it started and what he did to make it possible. He wanted to teach the kids in Africa how to read and he didn't want to know or care what other people thought about them .

What started it

When Crieg was only 12 years old he heard how there was another boy his age but he was a slave. They said he had got murdered at the age of twelve. That's when things all changed , Crieg stared learning more about them and wanted to teach them how to do things and how to read because they didn't know how to do anything.


Crieg Kielburger had a small family . He was very close to his twin brother . But was more attached to helping other people kids in labor . When he helped the kids he felt better about himself . His brother was even helping with teaching the kids .

That's how it All started and that's what Crieg Kielburger did for the kids . That's how he helped . That's how he became famous. And that's everything how he did and what he did . And how he did it and that's what his story was .

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