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Our social media strategy in summary

GoPro is a successful company that is growing really fast due to their advertising their products they . It creates for sure it’s own social content but their main strategy is to use their customers efficiently, meaning to rely on their customers to constantly produce content of their own, like posting videos, pictures and sharing their experiences via social media.

GoPro also wants to expand new market segments, in order to achieve this, GoPro builds relationships with influencers. They help to spread GoPro’s mission as well as vision within the new target market.

Our Product

GoPro is the modern way of recording and capturing your most adventurous life experiences. We encourage people to live to the fullest, and our cameras certainly make this lifestyle attractive.

New Releases

We will now introduce a section of our blog mainly dedicated to inform customers about future releases for them to start acknowledging the new advances in technology we will present them in a near future.We,as the GoPro team,also desire customers to learn about our cameras to help them decide in advance which cameras they will like to pursue.Clients are the ones who keeps us alive as a company,so throughout this section offered,we want to make sure they know that we are fully sincere to them in terms of the future plans we and future projects we have for them.

It is said that the future of cameras will change vastly over the next 5 years.The GoPro 7 will consist in a totally new design composed of a camera that videotapes in 360º to make sure that wherever the action is taking place,it is recorded.The Hero 7 or so called GoPro 7 also features Bluetooth 5.0, this will also increase the overall battery life of the device as well as improve the quality of the photos plus videos.The 4K SuperView will also be improved, with better image quality and higher FPS for distance shots.

GoPro engineers are working to reduce the size of the GoPro to a non expected level.The GoProLense is the future of cameras.This technology consists in an eye-contact lense that carries exactly the same functions as the original design of the GoPro but to the next level.

By this we,as a team,mean that videotaping and photo shooting will no longer be so ``complicated´´ as before,reducing the simplicity of recording a video or taking a photo using your hands,to doing it with a blink of an eye.

Life Experiences- Forum


In this section of the strategy, what the company intends to achieve is to create a space where the consumers of the product will share their experiences with the it through posting opinions and recent commented videos recorded with GoPro. It has been decided to dedicate a section to this objective since the clients are those who can give a realistic image of the product and serve as example and inspiration for others through social media strategy.

To shape an example of how this section would be, some customers’ comments are provided:


Hi mates,

I’m Kelly Slater, a regular rider (surfer). I’m a GoPro fan, without it, I wouldn’t be able to catch and share all my rides. It’s amazing! I use Hero 5 Black, for me it’s the top, as it have the best picture quality and that is so important when surfing, you know...water, drops...do their work, but GoPro, manage!

I share my last video with you, guys. Hope you like it!



Hi, guys. I’m Fran. I love snowboarding, I’m not a professional, that’s fine for me. But one thing I need when snowboarding is my GoPro, it’s as essential as my snowboard!! I have the Hero 5 Session; I bought this one recently because yet it’s smaller and lighter, it has an awesome quality.

I’ve post here one of my last experiences. Please, follow me in my Youtube Channel!! :)



HI! I’m Blackwolfgang70. I’m a Van Halen fan. GoPro Hero Session has been my salvation!!! (This rhyme shows I’m a musician hahahaha). Before buying my GoPro, I wasn’t able to record my versions of Van Halen, but since GoPro Hero Session is not heavy and has an amazing microphone, now I’m getting closer to my idol!

Don’t miss my last music video and ROCK!!


GoPro's Social Media Strategy Explained

This page is developing a social media strategy for GoPro, and its characteristics can be briefly seen within to gain an idea of how different strategies are combined to create an effective combination of social media marketing.

GoPro mainly attracts customer attention through social media optimization. Instead of relying on only the aspect of sharing and communication, we take advantage of everything possible that social media can bring to the table. As seen on our microblogging strategy, we receive feedback and the participation from potential customers, interested customers and satisfied customers. Furthermore, we are able to answer any possible questions people may have, and we are quick when doing so in order to solve any possible doubts and to maintain an effective customer relationship. As our product is very focused on lifestyle and experience, we form a connection between customers through social media. This means that we form common interests, such as sports and extreme sports such as bungee jumping and skydiving.

First of all, by using a micro blog, users are able to share their experiences and to publish their thoughts on our product. Furthermore, we combine this strategy with an online community because these same users are able to communicate with other GoPro users, not only with our staff, and to receive advice and inspiration.

This brings us to our third strategy that is connected to the previous two. Folksonomy, known as social tagging, which occurs when our users post their videos, share others, or receive and give feedback. When our users upload their content, the use of “tag clouds” come into use. This way, our platform becomes user friendly as it classifies each content in a specific category, using certain terms or keywords. As seen also briefly in the page, we use URLs and content shortcuts so that our customers can easily access this information.


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