A fathers promise Chpts. 23-25

Chpt. 23 Josef's return

Rudi and Ingrid stay at Anna's for awhile, helping her on the farm.

One day Josef comes back! He says every Jew in Warsaw was killed or captured! Sasha stacks him and, Rudi saved him.

Chpt.24 a hard decision

Rudi wakes up Anna and he tells her as long as he's there she is in danger.

He decides to leave. He tells Anna to tell Ingrid it is only temporary. He goes to the barn to scare Josef into not hurting Anna.

Chpt.25 the passing of night

A farmer jumps up to Rudi and, says the war is over!

Rudi sees Oscar, Rudi tells him to tell Ingrid he will be back for her. Rudi heads to Warsaw to find his dad.

By Cole

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