Oceans Thomas Turner

While on a trip away to Chessington World of Adventures we came across an exibit called Sea Life. I borrowed my Dad's iPhone to take a few pictures as we went around and then edited them using Lightroom in the hotel.

There we so many things to study and I particularly liked the contrasting textures and colours.

There were also lots of artefacts and blurring effects because of the glass tanks and defraction.

Black Octopus

One of the fish was particularly spooky and had a colour of a neon stone.

It almost glowed at times
The texture of the rope, sand and fish

Neon Lagoon

The mix of colours on its legs against the blue water

The colours, shapes and contrast made it really interesting.

Jelly Fish Selfie

Nemo Diffusion

The contrast and picture blurring because of the tank and focus made this very interesting. You can just see the clown fish peeping through. (Finding Nemo).


X-Ray Sea Horse

The Sea Horse was moving so quickly and in a domed tank so I couldn't get it to focus. When I looked at the photos after it looked like an X-ray.

Under water pass..

The amazson rainforest water bits has some more colourful plants above the water.

Above, Below and Inbetween

The water surface caused lens blurring above and below and pulled the colour down from the flowers in to the water.

Depth Of Field

The Ocean scenes were full of textures, colour and contrast. I was able to create some great images by using a combination of these things while focusing on the life within the tanks.

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Thomas Turner


Thomas Turner T.T.

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