Kyle Leeman Spark story

When I first entered the auditorium I had a great feeling of excitement. I walked down to the closest seat that I could find so I would have a better view of the performance. The lights dimming reminded me of a broadway play and I felt like I was about to watch world class actors. Overall, the performance taking place in the auditorium really contributed to the meaning and power of the play.
I went to the play with my friend Jared Weinerman. We both did individual research of the performance before it started and then collaborated our research in order to have the best understanding that we could have. The fact that I went with Jared really helped me understand the value of working together. We were able to clarify any questions that the other had and thus were able to understand the performance to the best of our ability.
After watching "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt," I noticed that it contained a tremendous social and cultural experience. The play is a compelling story of the force of art in our every day lives, the terrors of child labor, and the power of the Church in the early 20th century, told in the view of two adolescents, Talbot and Michaud. The subject matter opens my eyes about how grateful I am to be growing up at the time I am. In the early 1900s, children were forced to work to provide for their families, and oftentimes the conditions they worked in were terrible. After watching this play, I learned not to take the life I live for granted, and to strive to be the best I can be every day.
The play "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" provides the audience with a great deal of Katharsis, which means to "come clean." The play did a tremendous job in portraying in great deal the every day lives of the characters in the show. Theatre allows the audience to see a real-life example of a life in a different time period. Nothing is held back in theatre, and it allows the audience to live in the life of the characters for a couple of hours. This play shows us the terrors of child labor, and it provides us a feeling of pride as we live a much more fortunate life as adolescents in the US.


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