Good Life Nature Activity at the FLMNH by hannah daduya

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Museum intrigued me the most. Not only was it one of the two exclusive exhibits in the museum, it is a place where one could be with nature as well because the rainforest was outside. I actually fear butterflies, ever since I was a kid so going into the rainforest was a struggle for me. Even the guy at the front desk laughed about my phobia. My experience was enjoyable because I got to face my fears. I had a good friend along side me, even though he laughed when I screamed and jerked whenever I saw a butterfly. Through my fears, I have learned that butterflies do not typically land on you when it is cloudy outside. It was a good thing I went on a cloudy day because none of the butterflies landed on me. I also did not wear bright colored clothing, so that decreased the chances of the butterflies landing on me.

Nature and Ethics

I think that the Natural History Museum allowed me to experience nature in ways Leopold recommends because it shows us a glimpse of bits of pieces of nature, from beaches to swamps to caves. I felt small because the museum reminded me of how big the world is. I sense that the museum attained realistic items for their exhibits in order for one to experience nature indoors. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by having characteristics of the outside indoors. My experience instilled in mean ethical responsibility to nature because if there was not nature outside in the real world, then all we will have is a smaller scale of nature indoors. Although it seems realistic, it is not.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum does step out of our ordinary lives because it gives us the time to step back and appreciate what is around us. The Natural History museum offers exhibits that present different cultures and backgrounds, various reenacted nature sites and many more. To see everything all in one location is breathtaking because it allows us to delve into many parts of the world.

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