The Religion: Confucianism BY: ELLIE AND TYWON

This is Confucianism

Start Date- Confucianism started somewhere between 551 BC- 479 BC

Followers worldwide- 6,111,056 people believe and follow Confucianism. Most Confucianists live in China, but the religion can be found in other countries around the world.

People go to the Temple, where they worship Confucius, and pray.

Name of Deity- There is no 1 god for Confucianism. They do not believe that there is a God, rather a father who taught them to treat everyone with compassion. Some people do not believe that Confucianism is even a religion, since there is no deities, and no teachings of the afterlife.

Founder- The founder of Confucianism is a man named Kong Qui. He was than renamed, Confucius. It was not until later in his life, that people finally started following his teachings, and it was than that Confucianism started.

This is how many people believe Confucius looked

Name of Holy Book- There are five holy books for Confucianism; The Book of History, The Book of Poetry, The Book of Changes, The Book of Rites, and the Spring and Autumn Annals. They talk about Confucius's teachings.

These are the Holy Books for Confucianism.

Place of Worship- There are many temples all around the world, where people go to worship. The biggest and most sacred temple for Confucianism, is in Qufu, which is located in the Shangdong Providence. It is believed by many people that Confucius is burried.

This is Qufu Temple

Leadership Structure- The leadership structure is thought to be that everyone is equal, and you should treat everyone with kindness and compassion.

Basic Beliefs Explained- People who believe in Confucianism should maintain a sense of doing the right thing, server their elders loyally, and they should lead by example.

Major Holidays/ Celebrations- The holidays and celebrations are the Chinese New Year and the Ghost festival, two unique holidays are The Ching Ming festival, and Confucius’s Birthday.

The Chinese New Year is a big celebration, celebrating a new beginning. It usually involves family, friends, food, fireworks, and presents.

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