penguins by rhett and colt

Do you like to see olympic divers dive? I do, but what is even cooler is seeing penguins dive! When they hit the water their oily feathers make them glide through the water like a torpedo! I bet this has interested you, if not it's okay. But if it has read on to find out more about the amazing PENGUIN!

Body parts.

Do you know that there on a penguins back are microscopic holes that penguins use to breathe under water. And we have to hold our breath to survive. But we can not hold our breath for twenty minutes and they can. And their black feathers produce oil. Also they have black feathers that camouflage them when they are swimming under water. The white feathers that are

On their tummy camouflage them from getting eaten

Because the white blends in with the water.


Penguins live in big groups called a colony,

Some colonies have over 1,00000000 penguins in it. Some penguins live in hot places or they live in cold places. Lets list some down. Australia, europe,antarctica and Africa,

And other places. They do not live in the north pole because in the north pole live polar bears. If they lived in the north pole they would be devoured by hungry polar bears.


Penguins have 1 main predator, that is the leopard seal. When the penguin dives the leopard seal hides and then it pounces out and tries to catch it. A lot of times the seal is successful in catching, but sometimes the penguin is successful in getting away. The other predator is the skua, the skua would never attempt attempt to attack the adult penguin. Instead it attacks the eggs and has a special way in opening the egg and getting the inside to eat it.

Types of penguins.

There are lots of penguins in the world. Let’s list some down. Rockhopper, macaroni

penguins , other penguins,emperor penguins,king

Penguins. Gentoo penguins and a singer penguin

ADELIE penguins. Royal penguins and lots of other penguins to list down. Q. Joke why did the ADELIE penguin cross the road ? A. To say hello from the other side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this have interested you I recommend you to go to Australia, europe,antarctica and Africa

To see the amazing penguins!!!!!!

colony: A group of penguins

Predators: Something that eats something

Leopard seal: some thing that eats the penguin

Pounces: when it jumps

Skua: another thing that eats the penguin


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