Family owned business in a community and visual literacy. Esmeralda Tlahuel

There are many businesses around the world that have been successful in the world. Some which have been family owned, others that have been by groups or associations. In all, they all need to use visual and speech literacy to communicate with other people such as the consumers to be successful in that field.

Visual literacy is a critical aspect that every business owner has to take into account no matter if the business is big or small. Failing in using visual literacy can destroy any business. Being visual literate in my terms means to understand someone by using visuals instead of a form of writing it.

For instance my own visual and speech literacy developed more in my community since I was able to participate and contribute with my own community by talking and negotiating with them the price of the item was selling. The community that I worked with gave me a lot of literacy knowledge that i have now. because now i know that i need to talk to them, and that way i can make a move into showing them the different varieties of products we have at the store.

This video shows the different variety of products that are in a store and cars passing by look at the items and want to stop by and check out the prices. This is how the store attracts the client.

The knowledge that i have now, has helped me increase talking with my professors and asking questions and getting involved in class discussions since I know now the way to talk to someone in a way of negotiating.

My literacy knowledge is useful and relevant in academic situation since i can use it to communicate with my teachers and classmates in my class discussion to get more involved in class.

For example, the Starbucks cup has been changed to make a catchy eye contact with the consumer. To a red cup diesing for the occasion. Every business makes its own modification to attract the attention of the client so the client can buy the product.

Business have visual literacy in order to function and grow bigger. Unlike some entrepreneur might say its the opposite i claim it does make a big difference since visuals attract people more than speeches or just words. Business for example need to have visual signs so the people can be guided on what is for sale and how much it costs. Also it would be great to show visual displays so that the consumer and see and want to come and view the item of interest.

"Work hard be patient, and be a sponge while learning your business. Learn how to take criticism. Follow our guts instincts and don't compromise." -Simon Cowell-

Through all this i could relate because my parents have a thrift shop where I contribute everyday. This business is family owned Before they used to have a tire shop. but since there was nothing like a thrift store my parents decided to introduced this business to our community since in our community there is no such thing as a thrift store or second hand store.

The stores sign.

We use visual literacy in our everyday job to help us sell and its a very good strategy because many people actually come and buy the items that we put out like displays :

In my case,visual literacy is the way to negotiate with customers since they see the product and since it is more close to them. by this i mean that in the store i work in i have to take the stuff out to make the customer want to come to the store and check out what it is they are interested in.
Since we needed visual advertisement in our business to sell. We created some flyers to passed them around town as advertisement to the community. They were designed of vibrant colors and stated my father’s business what we offered in our store. For a small business in Othello, this method can be good or not that good since almost all working-class men go to our store. I am referring to most of the Latino population who work in the fields and need to buy something at a second-hand store or need to buy other random things.

We try to display the furniture and tools we have . Although some stores do use social media as part of their visual literacy it is not the same as talking a look at it in person. Also, trying to see what the store has to offer for the individuals entering it. Since we all know that pictures can be sketchy in the view of trying to sell something through media. Since the seller always trying to put the out the best of the product. For the wow factor to the customer.

visual literacy does have a big impact in family owned business community, since it shows how if we don't have that type of visual literacy in a business we wont be able to get a lot of clients and we would run out of business since we wont be able to expose our products and display the items we have the people to see.
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