Medical Crime Drama TV Series

SEASON ONE: 6 x 1 hour episodes

A bright, young paramedic uncovers evidence of a serial killer operating within the ambulance service and must expose the murderer before they make her the scapegoat.

Aruna Kelly (23, savvy, determined) arrives for her first day as an intern at the hectic City Metro Ambulance Station. Aruna, whose Indian mother was killed in a hit-and-run when she was three, has recently graduated as a Paramedic, top of her on-line class. Now it’s real life, on the frontline, and Aruna is desperate to succeed.

Academic success counts for nothing when Aruna fails to resuscitate a 7 year old girl, victim of a crowd riot. The legacy of her father, Mick, doesn’t help either. He was a gun ambo nicknamed ‘Lazarus’ (he brought them back from the dead). Mick’s out on stress, but he pulled strings to get Aruna the coveted gig at City Metro. The scorn of her new workmates is harsh.

Off to a disastrous start, Aruna is relegated to filing duties until the circumstances surrounding the little girl's death are clarified. Then there's another death. No-one's fault. Another crew find an elderly man on the floor of his kitchen, phone in hand, already dead.

As she files the paperwork, Aruna discovers other similar cases. Is it simply a failure of response time, or something more sinister?

Chrissie Layton, City Metro team leader, gives Aruna a second chance riding shotgun with gungho driver, Tony Nassar. He has one simple instruction for her: Don’t fuck up! Aruna finds this hard to follow when Tony’s cowboy methods constantly put them on the wrong side of standard operating procedures.

In each episode Aruna must deal with challenging real-world emergencies and gain the trust of her colleagues while secretly investigating them for what she comes to believe are a series of related murders. Aruna uncovers a link between the victims, but she can see no motive and has no-one she can trust.

By the end of the first season, Aruna thinks she’s discovered the identity of the murderer: Tony. She challenges him to confess only to be blindsided when he dies in suspicious circumstances. The real killer is still at large and Aruna is left taking the blame for Tony’s death. The path to the truth opens up with the shocking revelation that Aruna’s mother died on the way to a tryst with a woman. Aruna faces the devastating reality that her father, Mick, is now the prime suspect.

Aruna’s hunt for the murderer is a maze-like puzzle. Just when something seems obvious her investigation takes another direction, all amidst the relentless pace of emergency response.

Response Time is a unique genre mix, a medical procedural injected with a murder twist. Enriched with diverse characters and complex relationships, it’s aimed at female crime-lovers, skewed younger to broaden the appeal.

Response Time combines the grit, betrayals and tension of outstanding drama Line of Duty with the bingeable qualities of the psychological thriller, Homecoming.


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