pax by sarah pennypacker

It is possible, by getting to your truth to over come your past.

Vola, peter and his father are both told this at some point in the book. They must over come their past. Vola must over come her past of killing a man. She does this by making a play. This is because she feels like she is completing his story. She thinks when peter comes she can finally over come her past and finish the story. Peters past is his mother dying he must over come this by getting over his anger. Before his mother died peter swung a bat breaking the vase. He overcomes this when at the end of the book Vola gives him the bat, and he puts it in his backpack not minding it. Peter's father also must over come his past of giving up his dog and losing his wife and mother. He never showed love to peter, but at the end of the book he overcame this.

This image is Vola's work station

This picture shows where Vola learns one of her truths in her tool shed. She also does this by her philosiphy bingo cards or her personal truth cards that she keeps in a box. One of those personal truths include that she would have been a great teacher. Vola uncovers her past after losing it to ptsd. Which is post-traumatic stress disorder. This happens in the war.

Deep in the woods in her Grandfather's house, Vola tries to find her true self.

Vola made puppets to try to finish or tell the story of the man she killed.

The phoenix supports the them of pax. It supports starting over. Vola started over when peter came he made her wear the new prosthetic, to start new. Peter starts new when he receives a bat. This time with a bat he does not smash a vase, but knows he needs to start new.


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