New Deal Karly Howard


  • Helped out Farmers,
  • This was made to pay off mortgages and back taxes, buy back lost farms, and purchase seed, fertilizer, and equipment.
  • Reform


  • Helped the rural population
  • This built a number of new dams. It also built several power stations that provided electricity, flood control, and recreational facilities for the region
  • Reform


  • Helped urban folks
  • The SS provided unemployment insurance to workers who lost their jobs, pensions to retired workers older than age 65, and payments to people with disabilities, the elderly, and the wives and children of male workers who had died
  • Reform


  • Helped the unemployed
  • This group employed more than 2.5 million young men and they planted millions of trees
  • Reform or recovery


  • Helps people in business
  • This program regulates companies that sell stocks and bonds.
  • Reform

Federal Project #1

  • Helped unemployed artists
  • This project was providing work to artists in the fields of writing, theater, music, and visual arts
  • Relief

Wagner-Connery Act

  • Helped the unemployed
  • This act guaranteed labor’s right to organize unions and to bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions
  • Recovery


  • Helped out farmers
  • This act was to reduce their output of corn, cotton, dairy products, hogs, rice, tobacco, wheat, and other commodities. This reduction helped to raise cotton prices
  • Recovery

These programs are finding problems in the society and are using different methods to try and fix the problems. There are many different programs so they are able to focus on a certain detail of the problem(s). Having many different areas of focus will affect more people in society.

The government has become more involved in the works to fix the depression. The government has been increasing their taxes for people in a way to get more money to create more ways to fix the depression. The president has become more involved in creating different programs to help the Nation around him.

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