Cooper Speck 12

As World War Two began many dictators rose to power in Europ. But during this time America was trying to stay neutral.

Adolf Hitler was a dictator in Germany. He started the Nazi party and blamed Jews for what happened to Germany. He commanded Germany in World War 2. He died of suicide.
Joseph Stalin was a Russian dictator during World War Two. He was a peasant as a child and committed many crimes in his lifetime. After Germany betrayed him he joined America to fight with the allies. He died of a sickness.
Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was a dictator in Italy and a member of the axis powers. He was trying to escape enemy forces many times, But was hung by his own people.

Hidiki Tojo was the dictator of Japan. He joined the axis powers with Italy and Germany.
Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco was a dictator in Spain. He tried to join the axis powers, but Hitler refused his request.

During WW2 America was trying to stay neutral,but they were still shipping supplies to Britain because they where friends. During this timeFranklin D. Roosevelt was president.
In cunclusion many military dictators rose to power and American tried to stay out of war.


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